Sustainable glassware
for a good life and a better future.

Sustainable glassware for a good life
and a better future.


First truly green
drinking glass

CO2-positive & environment saving
drinkware from re-purposed bottles.

The (overlooked) glass impact

Glass bottles have the worst environmental impact

Research shows that single-use glass bottles (including recycled glass bottles) have a worse environmental impact. Single-use glass is worse than plastic or aluminum

Glassware is not recyclable, it ends in landfills for eternity

Theoretically, glass can be recycled indefinitely, however recycling facilities only accept packaging glass and sometimes flat glass. All other kinds of glass do not enter the recycling due to different chemical compositions. This makes glassware entirely non-recyclable product category .

Supporting Planet's recovery can be as easy and natural as setting the tables right.

Embrace the change.
It is not about a new glassware,
it is about Your new mindset.

Did you know, that all regular glasses used at homes and gastronomy in the whole world are never recycled and always end up as waste in a landfill? This is a massive and continuous waste of virgin resources, energy, and materials and produces significant amounts of CO2 emission. 

Did you know that single-use glass bottles have the worst environmental impact of all packaging (even worse than plastic and aluminum).

We solve two problems in one go:

Our laser-based technology re-purposes wine bottles into drinking glasses allowing the creation of a planet-friendly and climate-positive alternative to traditional non-recyclable glassware and mitigating the impact of single-use wine bottles.

We make impact, thanks to our dear Customers

Call for educational institutions and public foodservice

We are now searching for one or more educational institutions that would be willing to run a pilot program with us in the next academic year.